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Skeppsta hytta
about Ebba von Wachenfeldt's glass studio at Skeppsta in english
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Skeppsta glass studio

is situated in the beautiful landscape of Sörmland. Sörmland is a neighbour landscape to Stockholms and only 50 minutes by car from Stockholm and 50 minutes from Skavsta Airport, on the road 223 between Mariefred and Björnlunda. Skeppsta hytta is a glass studio with a cafe, a shop and a gallery. It is a great spot for an excursion with the whole family. Defiantly worth the while if your passing through. Here is Ebba von Wachenfeldt blowing her colourful and lively glass objects. She has been working as a glassblower and artist for over 30 years and since 2004 is her workshop situated in Skeppsta hytta.


We offer a broad spectrum of activities. Come and try blowing glass for yourself. Try a weekend course or book a shorter time with a group, whether that is a company or a private group. Welcome in the glass studio where you can take a look on this exciting and magical handy craft. See how Ebba von Wachenfeldt, glass master, works with this lively material. Under the heat of the furnaces you’ll experience how one blows glass from the beginning till the end. In our café we have fresh coffee with kanelbullar (cinnamon rolls) or chocolate biskvi´s. In the shop we have an overview on all the glass we have in our production line. Admire the colourful, vibrant glass and find beautiful glass for yourself or as presents. In the summertime our gallery is opened showing contemporary artists. There you can enjoy art under the tranquillity of the countryside.

Blowing glass

You can come to try blowing glass. We offer weekend courses and group arrangements. We can take groups from 1 – 30 persons. You get to shape, blow and cut the hot glass and we are there to help you. You’ll understand how important it is to turn, turn and turn the glassblowing pipe. In the end you´ll get to keep your own made glass. Call to book +46 (0) 158 30025 or send an email.

Opening hours

We are open Saturday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm in May-September and Wednesday to Sunday in July-August. From 1st of October till the 1st of May you can only visit by making an appointment. We won’t be open under our normal opening hours.

How to get here

We are situated in an old school building (Skeppsta skola) on the road 223 between Mariefred and Björnlunda . From Gnesta it is 12,5 mile (20 km) and from Läggesta on the E20 it is 11,2 mile (18 km) Leave road 223 when you see a sign with "Skeppsta 2" and ”Glashytta” After 0.2 mile swing to the left. Find us on a map GPS coordinates:
N 59° 08' 29.1'', E 17° 08' 50.5'' (WGS 84) or
X=6558552.0 Y=1576824.0 (RT 90)
50 minutes from Skavsta airport in nyköping and 50 minutes from Stockholm
on the road 223 between Mariefred and Björnlunda, 4 km south of the village of Laxne